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The horror of finding worms in your rice

Lost my appetite to the rotting apples sitting on my fridge retch convulse nauseous RED (flesh and blood and open wound) grossed-out, sickeningly spiraling. And if you ask me what I do when I’m alone…...get all consuming and wash the apples till they disappear and wash my hands till they disappear and scream I WAS NEVER HUNGRY at the empty fridge covered in RED. (I don’t want to live alone) “You are not welcome” I say to your fridge filled with honey and flowers. Children. Cats. Cocoons. A balloon instead of my head. It is RED. Getting bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger (×4) (4×4=16) May 16, 2016 I implode. Cats. Cocoons. Children. The tulips are screaming, YOUR HAIR IS ON FIRE and I laugh because I have limbs instead of hands. A RED bow in my hair and RED between my teeth and I am crawling. HAHA said R. And I replied screaming, U R NOT WELCOME

I was never hungry anyway.

Because the fridge is

empty and you are never

welcome and I am not

hungry- I mean the honey

and the flowers and NOT

welcome and NEVER

hungry and the fridge is


Cocoons. Children. Cats.

My wing is heavy and

my antenna is broken.

Open wound and blood and flesh.

f l u t t e r

a w a y

Paddy field is next to tulip

field. Squirmer, squiggle, wriggle.



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٢ تعليقان

ShivaPrasad Muddu
ShivaPrasad Muddu
٢٧ يوليو ٢٠٢٣

I am glad you took to writing and started blogging. All the best and keep it up. I read your writings couple of times but it sounded a different league. I then went and read about your introduction and glad you mentioned about creative writing. While I try to get to the level of being audience to creative writing, you continue your writing and enjoy it.


١٤ يونيو ٢٠٢٣

Waiting for more

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