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Bodies at 9am

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

1) My body is a well, j u m p in.

2) My body is a tall glass, drink out of it.

3) My body is a playground, run around.

4) My body is all bones and no flesh.

5) My body is all teeth and no blood.

6) My body is a garden. (I am thorns.)

7) My body is mist, rain, water, the train, slippers, sand, a bench, a song, a dry leaf, a blister, a shoe bite, a thing. MY BODY IS A THING. (Useful; used; USELESS.)

8) My body is harmless. A swarm of bees, bee sting. My body is someone else’s hands on my body.

someone else’s hands on my body someone else’s HANDS on my body

not my body

a thing

a chair

a thing

for someone else (to use) a printer a charger a

9) My body is a lie.

10) Everybody is special, everyBODY is a lie.

11) I am a real girl.

The real girl is a liar.


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1 comentário

24 de jul. de 2023

It's intriguing and felt a little philosophical reading the second post....

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