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I am Vismayi ( a tooth fairy) and this is where I like to ramble. I will talk to you about anything and everything. I believe in magic - the magic of everyday things! - like a child. There is magic in the swaying of trees; there is magic in the patterns made by the sun on the floor; there is magic in the flowers your friends give you; there is magic in WORDS; there is magic in eating sweet, sticky fruit; there is magic in talking to cats; there is magic in collecting little (or big) rocks that shine;  there is magic in listening to a song and recognizing it; there is magic in your pillow where you lay your head and dream; there is magic EVERYWHERE! And I am here to talk to you about it. 

I am a creative writing student from Bangalore, India. I am here to learn about myself and the world around me. Thank you for giving me your time, I appreciate it :)
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